Your valley… cumulative impact

Pigeon Hybrid Planning – land adjacent to Burstall Lane and Loraine Way DC/19/00567

Pigeon to resubmit a new application for the Burstall Lane – Lorraine Way Development in January 2020. Updates will be posted here as we gather information.

Babergh ’s draft Joint Local Plan proposes building 1600 more homes in Sproughton – more than in any other Parish in the District – quadrupling the size of the village.

Assessment findings by Babergh and Mid Suffolk in the draft joint local plan July 2019 for SHELAA dwelling capacity for Sproughton 3370.

Hopkins Homes – land adjoining Loraine Way  DC/18/02412 and DC/18/02010

Historic views of the Hopkins Homes Site

To date we haven’t had any more information on the next stage of this development. The Parish Council will update the community as soon as any new developments are made. The expectation is, that they will resubmit their application. This is NOT a site on the new Joint Local Plan (JLP)

Wolsey Grange 1 – 475 Homes

Currently in development of 145 homes expected timescale for completion 4-6 years. The expected road works have been delayed due to the proposal of the Wolsey Grange 2 site.

The full details of the site can be found on

Wolsey Grange 2 – 800-1100 Homes

To date an Environmental Survey has been completed and a community presentation at the Holiday Inn last week. We will keep you updated on the next stage of this application as it arises.

Bidwells – Site on the hill opposite the millennium green

We understand that Bidwells are in discussion with Babergh to develop this field. Initially 400 houses were proposed – however the site allocation in the Joint Local Plan ‘SHELA’ document states 1000. This will breach the green barrier between us & Ipswich.

Sproughton Enterprise Site – Sugar Cube

In addition to the Sugar Cube a large distribution building on plot 5 has been submitted, this would include 800 parking spaces and currently its full purpose has been undisclosed. Noise issues and complaints have been submitted about night-time activities on the Sugar Cube with varying success on combatting the problem.

Any concerns on planning can be directed to the Parish Council, or alternatively to Babergh District Council Planning direct.

OR…. contact us at