Pigeon Development Burstall Lane/Loraine Way Development

The Parish council would like to establish a working group of casual observers to report progress of the proposed Burstall Lane development.

This will be to identify any adverse issues that arise and any failures to comply with the negotiated and legally agreed conditions at the earliest possible stages so that the Parish Council can respond rapidly.

As most residents of the Parish will now be aware this application submitted by ‘Pigeon’ obtained approval by the Babergh District Council Planning Committee last year despite hundreds of objections.

The final application was however whittled down from the original with many conditions and benefits agreed that we want to ensure are delivered during its construction.

We feel that of particular concern to the established community will be issues and conditions relating to things like construction traffic, working hours, disruption and obstruction of highway traffic, drainage, tree planting and screening, provisions of green spaces, allotments, footpaths, and community areas.

The Parish Council would liaise with the working group and keep them updated of the agreed expectations of the builders at the various stages of development.  

The Parish Council are looking for volunteers to keep an eye on the expected Burstall Lane Development. Please contact the Parish Clerk (Kirsty Webber) if you would like to help, SproughtonPC@gmail.com/ 07538311567

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Kirsty.

Many Thanks

Stay Safe