Hopkins Homes DC/18/02412

One of our main aims is to raise the awareness of the Gipping Valley developments as a whole. The cumulative growth impact on infrastructure generated by eight housing developments in a 4.2mile distance between the Wolsey Grange, Holiday Inn site and Great Blakenham has been immeasurably underestimated; this does not include the impending SnOasis.
Please find enclosed a letter of objection and full document of facts which may help you formulate your own objection.

The blue line shows the Burstall Lane – Loraine way site, the red line the Hopkin Homes Site.

We feel that the Government through the continuingly changing NPPF are actively seeking policies that approve development. This is causing detrimental harm to our rural communities as the general public and residents are unqualified to wade through the mountains of technical data and consultants’ reports.

In our experience the consultants are inundated with requests for development applications resulting in them being standard replies with little or no in-depth review of what is being requested. A tick box situation has arisen just to build houses. 7