***Call for sites is now closed*** Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan


The new Local Plan that is being prepared by Babergh District Council is expected to require additional housing in the parish between now and 2036 to meet forecast needs. Although the number has yet to be confirmed, we expect the overall requirement to be around 1600 homes for the parish and 15-30 for the village.

Some of those already have planning permission others do not and other individual plots within the parish will continue to come forward over the years.  But we will need to identify smaller sites to meet the needs of the Neighbourhood Plan, introducing the idea of smaller developments and individual houses than larger developments.  The Neighbourhood Plan is able to influence the location, size of developments, size of houses and design to ensure that further developments meet the needs of the community and are in keeping with the character of the village, especially in relation to the conservation area.

The Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee is therefore making this “Call for Sites” to identify possible sites for houses. We would therefore request that anyone who has land available, or could be available in the future, for housing development to complete the from overleaf and return to either The Parish Clerk at e-mail to: sproughtonpc@gmail.com or the Sproughton Neighbourhood plan team sproughtonneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com.

As noted above, we’re not going to need vast tracts of land and sites should, as a maximum, be limited to those that can accommodate between 1-10 homes or 10-25 homes.

Please be aware that the proposal of a site does not necessarily mean that it will be included in the Neighbourhood Plan or that any site included will be granted planning permission for development. Also, it does not prevent any site being put forward in a planning application. All sites will be assessed by independent experts to determine the suitability of sites and their ability to meet the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan prior to residents making the final decision as to which site or sites are selected for inclusion in the Plan.

Submissions must be made by midnight on Friday 28th August 2020

Please use a separate form for each site submitted. Further copies of can be downloaded from the from this website below.

For further information please contact Rhona Jermyn 07376 281547


The role of the Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) is to test whether (and where) there is sufficient land available to meet the full objectively assessed
needs for housing and economic development. The map below show the current suggested areas of development. These are by no means set in stone.