NEW: Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan

Even in these uncertain times the Parish Council and Sproughton Working Group (SWG) are endeavouring to monitor and contest the planning applications within our community. With this in mind the Parish Council have taken the first steps to develop a much-needed Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

A NP Sub-Committee has been formed with members of the Parish Council and parishioners.

So .. What is a Neighbourhood plan (NP)?

The Neighbourhood Plan guides

  1. Where new development is preferred by the community
  2. While ensuring that the unique characteristics and landscape setting of the village is maintained
  3. Enabling the protection and improvement of vital services and facilities appropriate for a village of the settlement’s size and location.

It contains planning policies which, when the Plan is complete, crucially, it will be used as a starting point for consideration of planning applications. It is a powerful tool in deciding planning matters.

By engaging in this process, we will retain some control over future development of the parish. We have seen our parish overrun by planning applications, which are destroying our beautiful heritage landscape and village.

We are not alone; adjacent parishes have either completed or are underway with their plans.

As we cannot engage with the community in the Tithe Barn we will be communicating via online methods, including

Parish notice boards

Nextdoor App



In Touch Magazine


Mail drops via Post office

Parish Council website

Sproughton Working Group Website

As part of the process we need your views, so over the next few months we will be contact you by all the means above to ask for your feedback. We ask neighbours who can print off documents and deliver them along with the milk or bread to just help keep others who may not have the technology involved. It is our parish it is our community.