Pigeon to resubmit a new application for the Burstall Lane – Lorraine Way Development in September 2019. Updates will be posted here as we gather information.

Hopkins Planning – land adjoining Loraine Way   DC/18/02412 and DC/18/02010

Historic views of the Hopkins Homes Site

The Working Group was much encouraged by a good show of parishioners and others who made their presence felt at the Babergh District Council’s Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 17 in Hadleigh for the Hopkins Homes Planning Committee Meeting.

The Sproughton Working Group spoke with regard to the cumulative growth impact on infrastructure generated by 8 housing developments in a 5-mile corridor along the Gipping Valley and how that has been immeasurably underestimated. Including SnOasis it is 1623 houses and associated traffic. We spoke about the detrimental harm this will cause our rural community.

We also said that Babergh District Council have failed us by not formulating a strong Joint Local Plan, or supported and guided Parish Councils in Neighbourhood plans. We suggested that these developments should be very carefully considered until the community, as a whole, have been engaged in a more cohesive review of the cumulative impact of growth along the Gipping Valley corridor. The impact on infrastructure, sustainability and suitability had been seriously misunderstood and overlooked. The grounds for the refusal of the application were based largely the fragile heritage and landscape of our historic village along with doubts and fears which were expressed about flooding and ecology issues as well.

Pigeon Hybrid Planning – land adjacent to Burstall Lane and Loraine Way DC/19/00567

The Working Group’s review of the Pigeon Plan for closing Burstall Lane, moving the allotments and residential development of the hillside adjoining the Lane, the Grindle and Loraine Way is still under way.  Pigeon have hinted at ways of mitigating  some of the items. However, the details of just how this application will be contested continue to evolve and fresh initiatives begin to be taken on board.

Including the petition, we have had over 460 objections to this application. This phenomenal number of objections is because we are a community who care. Please check the community shop for more updates and more letters of objection to other local planning applications in Bramford.

We have been very proactive with the media to raise awareness of our concerns, having several newspaper reports and local magazines. We have engaged with Bramford Parish Council to form a working relationship in our joint fight against these developments. We sent out our first leaflet update last month and will do so again in the near further to keep the community appraised of our work.

You can contact the Working Group by emailing oakdene@burstalllane.com to get/provide information or express an opinion.