Neighbourhood Plan September 2021 Update

Welcome to our September 2021 Neighbourhood Plan (NP) update.

Reminder of what the Neighbourhood Plan is and how it can help our Parish with regard to planning matters:

The Neighbourhood Plan Guides where new development is preferred by the community Ensures that the unique characteristics and landscape setting of the village is maintained Enables the protection and improvement of vital services and facilities appropriate for a village of the settlement’s size and location.
It contains planning policies which, when the Plan is complete, crucially, will be used as a starting point for consideration of planning applications.

It is a powerful tool in deciding planning matters.

By engaging in this process, we will retain some control over future development of the parish. IT IS NOT A MEANS TO PREVENT DEVELOPMENT. It does mean, however, that if the community feels a site submitted on the Joint Local plan is not sustainable and we have an alternative site, and we can produce evidence to argue for a more sustainable site, we can then influence where development takes place.

What stage are we at now?

We have engaged with NP consultants and have produced supporting documentation for our Neighbourhood Plan. These include:

  • Design Codes
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Site Assessments
  • Green Spaces

All of these documents can be found via this link:

We are about to submit our draft plan to the Parish Council, once they have approved it we can formally present it to the community for your input. We will be sending out postcard flyers and communicate on social media to update you on drop in dates to review the plan in the Tithe barn.

The Neighbourhood team are still working hard to produce a completed plan by spring next year to work alongside the new JLP.


Thanks for your support and patience as we try to make progress despite the restrictions imposed on us by Covid-19. We would be delighted to hear from you with any questions, suggestions or comments about our Neighbourhood Plan (email address at the top of the page).